The Innerlimits Foundation supports the aspiring adventurers and the sustainable growth of Adventurous and Inspirational Sports. As part of this we work with other charities and government partners to ensure the maximum involvement by youth and local communities with the minimum environmental impact.

We aim to give everyone the chance to BE|MORE by personally pushing their boundaries and experiencing the power of the human spirit.

You can help us achieve our goals through donations and sponsorship.

Key Foundation Goals

  • Supporting all those who wish to challenge themselves and participate in adventurous projects or events
  • Minimum Impact – Environmental stewardship and awareness
  • Supporting Active youth projects

Latest Initiatives


WalkOn combines walking with fundraising, and adds a touch of competitive spirit, creating the ultimate reason for you to become more active, get in shape, and see the world around you.

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Road to Redemption is the culmination of WalkOn’s initial campaign supporting injured soldiers. This large-scale endurance event is for those who have trained, prepared, and proven themselves worthy.

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MyInnerLimits is a web portal for the adventurous and those who wish to push their own boundaries. When completed it will provide the resources for those wanting to undertake their own adventurous project.

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We are supporting the establishment of the Arete (from Greek, meaning “be what you can be”) Insitute to foster an environment that motivates, supports and recognizes all who strive to be all they can be.

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